Saturday, May 3, 2008

Did Jihadi's captured in ALBUQUERQUE have Nuclear Aspirations?

Let me first apologize to the State Department and the FBI for using the word Jihadi. In all fairness to me, you never sent me the memo so I can't really be certain there was an Operational Connection between you and the banning of Free Speech. Had you sent me the memo I would have added the words "Kiss My Ass" to your list and promptly returned it for your consideration.

According to a story at, 10 Illegal Immigrants of Special Interest were arrested in ALBUQUERQUE. please go read it here!.
So having spent a little time in Albuquerque I have to wonder????? Why would they be interested in Albuquerque? Could it be for the Night Life, maybe the awesome Restaurants or the Old West Tourist attractions, the Native American Culture, maybe the beautiful natural scenery or many other things of interest in the area?. Could it be they wanted to tour the National Nuclear Museum or to Volunteer to clean up the waste dump . Maybe they were interested in all the "Nuclear" related facilities at Sandia or some of the Defense Nuclear Facilities located there?
Of course there is no evidence linking any of them to anything I suppose so I have to assume it's all a big lie and they were just here to "Do Jobs Americans won't do". Anybody who even thinks there is a threat of Nuclear Terrorism certainly must be borderline stupid, right.???? Hell, to even imagine there would be a connection I probably have someone else typing this for me right now. I'm lucky I was even able to struggle and scrape through all those Nuclear related Schools I went to. But just to prove I'm not the only one who thinks these Holy Warriors might in fact have Unholy intentions here's a story on the subject the subject.
The fact that these jokers can slip across our borders and the Federal Government is more concerned about some drug addled loser wearing face paint and holding a protest sign than our Nations Sovereignty is what's really frightening. Hell, if we can't control our own Country do we really even stand a chance against these people?

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