Thursday, April 16, 2009

Janet Napalitano DHS LIAR needs to RESIGN IMMEDIATELY if not sooner

In her pathetic attempt to say she should apologise for her report in which she basically accused Veterans of being terrorists she (?) cited Timothy McVeigh as an example (I'm sure all the Vets appreciate that) saying “I have to tell you, I was the United States Attorney for Arizona in the 90’s when Tim McVeigh bombed the Murrow building in Oklahoma City and unfortunately he was a vet — that’s where he got his training,” she said. “And so when I was told about the report, it rang true with me. This has happened in the past.”
Well that's not true at all, in fact it's a ball faced lie. Timothy McVeigh was a Bradley Gunner in the Army, he would NOT have received Demolitions training, even had he been an Ordnance man dealing directly with explosives he would not have necessarily been trained in Demolition. It just isn't done. [Some also wrongly claim McVeigh had Special Forces training but he FAILED and never got in, another lie nut bags like the DHS Secretary use to somehow justify their claim the Military is creating Terrorists and a further smear anyone who served in the Military] .
Timothy McVeigh used a Fertilizer Bomb so even if Napalitano wasn't lying and he received his training in the Military that point would not be relevant because the Military doesn't use nor teach people to make Fertilizer Bombs. So she ignorantly puts forth an impossible scenario.
Timothy McVeigh was trained by Terry Nichols who was trained by Ramsey Yousef who bombed the WTC the first time. Ramsey Yousef is currently in prison for the first WTC bombing where he used a Fertilizer Bomb just like Timothy McVeigh and even use a rental truck to haul it just like McVeigh. Ramsey Yousef's Uncle Kahlid Sheik Mohammad also just happens to be in jail for the attacks of Sept 11, 2001 and he just happened to be a strong influence on Ramsey Yousef. Of course you can't link AlQueda toTimothy McVeigh although it's glaringly obvious that the people who provided him with the expertise to bomb the Murrah Building just happened to be deeply associated with AlQueda Operatives, it's easier to call the Veterans Terrorists than some AlQueda associates.
[FYI, If you're a veteran make sure you arrive at the Airport early if you try to fly anywhere, just in case your name just happens to be on the No Fly List.]
Of course some say Terry Nichols had no ties to AlQueda nor did Ramsey Yousef nor Timothy McVeigh, whatever, that doesn't change reality.
"I learned that in the time immediately leading up to the
bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, convicted Oklahoma
City bomber and murderer Terry Nichols had been in Cebu City in the
Philippines. His stay in Cebu City coincided with another visitor to
that city, al Qaeda's terrorist leader Ramsey Yousef. Interestingly,
both Nichols and Yousef used similar bombs and methods just 2 years
apart to blow up two American targets. Yousef was the mastermind of the
first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. Nichols was a
coconspirator in the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building in
The DHS Secretary doesn't need to say she's sorry, that's obvious. What she needs to do is Resign Immediately if not sooner. Janet Napalitino, are you a Terrorist? I think you just might be.

‘An Apology Is Owed’

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