Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dr. Manning believes David Souter retired due to the pressure of Barack Obama's eligibility.

Has the Supreme Court become the Supreme Law breaker of the Land?

Dr. James David Manning discusses the resignation of Justice Souter and the pressure on the Supreme Court over Presidential Eligibility issue.
Points noted:
Justice Souter recognizes the pressure on the courts to respond in a way that recognizes the right of Freedom of Information and the right of people to request this information is so intense.
That there is such stonewalling that the Justices of the Supreme have become Law Breakers.
The Supreme Court is breaking the law and violating the citizens rights by refusing to hear cases brought before it.
The Supreme Court is violating our Constitutional right to be heard in Court on a Constitutional matter.

Evidence that Barack Obama is not a Citizen of the United States is overwhelming.
The matter was allowed to fester and not resolved During the Primaries.
George Bush knew, Leon Panetta knew, the CIA knows, people of Occidental College know it, people of Columbia University know it.
No One can be found who was there when Obama was allegedly born in Hawaii, no Doctor, no Nurse, no Administrator.
Hawaii sought to have an apartment where he allegedly grew up designated a National Landmark and not the Hospital where he was born and the reasons for this.

Because of the fighting that is going on behind closed doors at the Supreme Court n regards to the eligibility matter, Justice Souter has decided he no longer wants to be a part of any of it.

Please view Dr Manning's argument to hear the entire scathing and damning report.

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