Saturday, May 2, 2009

Offending Obama: Turkey Pimping Muqtada as Ayatollah

"Offending Obama: Turkey Pimping Muqtada as Ayatollah the Way they Christian Diored Khomeini in Iraq"

(An enlightened voice speaking from the Arab World?)
Obama's BIG BLUNDER in his speech to the Turkish Parliament by referring to Secular Atta Turk. Obama didn't know what he was talking about and shouldn't have mentioned it.
(please view entire video below for full opinion)
Just as Khomeini ran to Turkey like a KGB Officer and there the Turkish regime sent him to Iran to established the Iranian Revolution, the same episode is being repeated today.
Abdullah Gull has Muqtada in his private house for a Turkish Halawa.

Muqtada has been in hiding since last year when Dick Cheney popped his Boy Friend. The Warlord which everybody in the world is looking for to have him shot. Turkey has him as an Official Visitor to the Turkish Regime. The man whose hands are covered with the blood of 600,000 Muslims should be delivered to Iraq to be tried, not received by the Turkish as a Dignitary.
Turkey wants to get even with Obama for mentioning that "painful word".
To get even with Obama they invited a criminal to their country because the criminal could help them get even with the 16 million Kurds in Turkey.
Muqtada cannot go back to Iraq and Turkey is playing a very dirty game.
Just as Turkey did to Khomeni 30 years ago, a fugitive with no land to go to, Turkey set him up to build an empire of Evil and Death in the World. (don't forget Jimmy Carter) Ahaminejad is happy.

The Turkish Regime has lost their minds after the coup attempt last week. here & here

Please don't be turned off by the videos intro, give it time to hear what Obaid has to say starting @ about 1:o2 into the video.

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